Clean&Charge Stations
Advantages of the Braun Clean&Charge Station

Advantages of the Clean&Charge Station:

Advantages of the Braun Clean&Charge Station


At the simple touch of a button your shaver is hygienically cleaned, charged and lubricated for maximum convenience.

Advantages of the Braun Clean&Charge Station


The Clean&Charge Station keeps your blades in top condition, ensuring ultimate performance, every time, again and again. More than 150 consumers confirmed a noticeably closer shave and more than 110 consumers a better skin comfort after regular use of the Clean&Charge Station.

Advantages of the Braun Clean&Charge Station


Regular cleaning provides optimal hygiene so you can experience a fresh shaving feeling every day.

How it works:

Braun Clean&Charge Station with alcohol based cleaning solution

The alcohol based cleaning solution rinses out stubble.

The shaver is automatically charged while it is in the Clean&Charge Station. Hence it is fully powered whenever you need it.

The cleaning formula automatically lubricates the blades for optimized cutting efficiency. It also releases a refreshing lemon scent.

When cleaning is completed the shaver shaver is thoroughly dried to maximize performance.*

Brauns Clean&Charge Station

Braun Clean&Charge Station featuring automatic program selection

Automatic program selection.

The Clean&Charge Station automatically assesses when your shaver was last cleaned. It then selects the best out of 3 modes for optimal cleaning intensity².

Braun Clean&Charge Station with Fast Clean in 25 seconds.

Fast Clean in 25 seconds.

In case a quick result has top priority, the Fast Clean program cleans the shaver in about 25 seconds only.*

5-Action Clean&Charge Station

for Series 9 shaver

5-Action Clean&Charge Station

for Series 7 shaver

4-Action Clean&Charge Station

for Series 5 shaver

3-Action Clean&Charge Station

for Series 3 shaver

Braun Available Clean&Charge Stations

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