Hair Removal For Women

Let you enjoy feeling beautiful with irresistibly smooth skin for up to 4 weeks!
Safe and effective permanent visible hair removal at home.
World‘s first facial epilator & cleansing brush system.
Silk-épil stylers are designed to follow feminine contours.
Discover Braun’s range of Silk-épil epilators, 3in1 trimmer and the Silk-expert IPL device to find the perfect hair removal method for you. Learn how to use Braun products, all about the latest innovations in hair removal for women and brush up on new techniques to achieve beautifully smooth skin.

Life moves too fast to be slowed down by unwanted hair.

The Braun Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa is our fastest, most precise epilator, removing even the shortest hairs that wax cannot catch for up to 4 weeks of salon-smooth skin. You’ll never have to wait for your body hair to grow long enough for a wax appointment again.

The fastest and most precise epilation for up to 4 weeks of salon-smooth skin.

Epilate, exfoliate,
refine skin and shave
sensitive areas.

Fast home use IPL technology at high light energy level

Venus’ IPL technology is uniquely designed to read and adapt to your skin tone, providing permanent visible hair reduction. Clinically tested and faster than other IPL products, Venus Silk-expert is ideal for safe and effective hair removal at home.

World’s 1st facial epilation & cleansing device.

Braun Face’s easy to use facial epilator allows you to precisely remove unwanted facial hair from the chin, upper lip and forehead. The extra slim head has 10 micro-openings that gently capture the finest hair (0.02 mm) for results that last up to one month. With 200 plucking motions per second, the facial epilator is much faster and more thorough than manual tweezers, and can remove hair 4x shorter than wax can catch.

Braun Silk-épil 3in1 trimmer.

Braun’s Silk-épil 3in1 trimmer provide a gentle and comfortable shave on your whole body. Specially designed to follow feminine contours, they’re ideal for use in sensitive areas like the bikini line and underarms.